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What is sgID?

sgID is a Singapore government identity provider that allows Singapore residents to authenticate with applications and share government-verified data about themselves via the Singpass mobile app.
Some examples of products that have integrated with sgID are Singapore's National Health Appointment System and FormSG.
A GIF that shows an example flow of a user logging into FormSG with sgID
Example FormSG login flow with sgID
sgID comes shipped with your Singpass mobile app. That means anyone with the Singpass mobile app can log in with sgID! Check out our demo app to experience the login flow for yourself!

Can my product integrate with sgID?

sgID is publicly available for integration. Use your Singpass mobile app to log into our developer portal to generate credentials for your app!

What data is available via sgID?

By default, apps that have integrated with sgID can request for the user's full name.
The full list of data fields that sgID supports are available at our data catalog page. If your app requires access to more data fields, you can file a service request to sgID via this form.
Note that Singapore government public officers will have access to the full data catalog after they verify their email in our developer portal.

How much does it cost to integrate with sgID?

sgID is completely free to use! There are no integration or usage costs associated with sgID.

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